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CN Tower, Canada, 1976

CN Tower, Canada, 1976

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By the time the 1970s hit Canada, the country’s provincial capital Toronto already had several skyscrapers. However, none of these provided TV, radio or telephone signals for the rest of the city, which meant that signals here were weak. Plans went ahead to build a structure taller than all the rest that could project signals downwards onto the surrounding city and improve entertainment quality and communication. This was known as the CN Tower.

CN Tower, Canada

CN Tower, Canada

At the point of the plans, engineers on the CN Tower and onlookers from the streets below were unaware that this would become the world’s tallest tower when it was to be opened in 1986. Today there is some controversy surrounding the ‘world’s tallest building’ title. The CN Tower’s website claims that it remains the tallest building in the world, whereas the Guinness Book of Records maintains that it is the world’s tallest free-standing tower. Either way, today the tower is used to transmit television, radio and cellular signals (e.g. Motorola) and visitors to the tower can also enjoy spectacular views from the observatory in the tower’s Sky Pod, some 1135 feet above street level. Here there is also a revolving restaurant and a glass floor on the observation deck.


Toronto, located in the south of the province Ontario is Canada’s provincial capital city and the most populous area of the country. Not only this but it’s also one of the world’s biggest and most successful financial centres, so it’s not just a tourist or suburban area. Largely due to the CN tower itself some of the leading industries within Toronto include television production, telecommunications and media. Tourism is also a very successful market here, meaning there are plenty of places for visitors to stay and sights for them to see during their stay.

Interesting Information:

Construction of the CN Tower began on February 6th 1973 and finished in March 1975 when the antenna was constructed. A total of 1537 workers joined in the building of this structure that is estimated to weigh and immense 130,000 tons. Near the top of the tower is the 360 restaurant which revolves to show diners the full view over the city and surrounding regions. Each revelation of the restaurant takes 72 minutes and at any one time it can hold a maximum of 400 people.

In terms of broadcasting, the CN Tower is capable of transmitting FM Radio, VHF Television and microwave transmission amongst various others.

How to Get There:

There is one main airport in Toronto, providing a quick, simple and direct way for international visitors to see the CN Tower. Upon arriving at the Toronto airport visitors then have a number of options for getting to their accommodation and around the rest of the city.

Of course residents of the United States, or those who have travelled through there can simply drive through by car or bus, or take a train journey. Renting a car is generally quite easy but it should be noted that Toronto becomes very cold in Winter and those who are inexperienced in driving in snow and ice should be careful.

Where to Stay:

For visitors looking for a luxury stay in Toronto, the nearest four to five star hotel is the SoHo Metropolitan in the theatre and entertainment district. The Windsor Arms is a cheaper hotel but one which still offers very high standards of service, on St. Thomas street a little further North.

Most hotels can be reached easily via the metro, street cars or bus routes, although following a long flight you may wish to take a taxi from the airport to your hotel first. From there it’s a good idea to gain public transport advice from the receptionists where you are free of bags and well rested.

Getting Around:

There is a subway system, several bus routes and also some street cars to take you around. Day and weekly passes for the buses and the metro are recommended if you want to get around and see a lot during your stay as this will save you money overall.

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