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Golden Gate Bridge, USA, 1937

Golden Gate Bridge, USA, 1937

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In early January, 1933 construction began on the Golden Gate Bridge, a suspension bridge over the Golden Gate (North American Strait). The bridge was designed to make it possible to drive easily from the county of Marin to San Francisco city and its primary designer and engineer was Joseph Strauss.

Golden Gate Bridge, USA

Golden Gate Bridge, USA

America’s Golden Gate Bridge stands out from others of its kind due to its orange-red color; picked out to help visibility in thick fog and also to complement the environment that surrounds it. Due to its photographic nature and esteemed beauty, the bridge was named one of the seven modern wonders of the world by the American Society of Civil Engineers, amongst the CN Tower, the Channel Tunnel and the Panama Canal.

Since construction on the structure finished in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge has been used for transporting a wide range of vehicles as it incorporates part of the California state route 1 highway and the US route 101. Anyone can visit the bridge providing they can visit the US and many people choose to stop before the bridge and take photographs from the surrounding landscapes. It also shouldn’t go unnoticed that the Golden Gate Bridge links to one of the USA’s most popular states – California – where there is much to see and do.


The Golden Gate Bridge runs between San Francisco city and the county of Marin. San Francisco is the 12th most inhabited city in the US, meaning it is busy and vibrant. There are many theatres, concert halls, museums and a baseball park for tourists to visit during their stay. Marin, being a county rather than a city, is more toned down and has a strong association with new age concepts and therapies. It’s also a very beautiful place so if you enjoy photography or simply getting down to nature then it’s a great place to visit and find accommodation in.

Interesting Information:

The Golden Gate Bridge finished construction at a cost of approximately $35 million, which was over $1 million under budget. This was great news for the San Francisco government who couldn’t afford previous plans for the bridge which stood at $100 million. Its full length is 8981 feet and it is 90 feet wide at any given point.

In 1996 famous French record breaker Alain Robert (also known as the ‘human spider’) climbed up between two of the cables leading to one of the main cables that holds the bridge. In total Robert had climbed 745 feet.

How to Get There:

SFO is the acronym for San Francisco International Airport, which is where you will most likely be flying to if you are not already situated in the United States. It’s a large airport with a large range of different airlines, budget, mid range and luxury. There is also an airport in Marin county if you prefer to stay there. If you are already living in the United States, or are visiting another region first then you can also drive very easily to the Golden Gate Bridge, providing you find your way to either the California state route 1 or the US route 101 highway.

Where to Stay:

If you are particularly interested in visiting the Golden Gate Bridge then it’s only right that we should provide you with a list of hotels that overlook it. For a budget stay there is a Travelodge hotel in Presidio, San Francisco. Alternatively, La Luna Inn is a modern and fresh boutique budget hotel with rooms between $89 and $109 per night. For a mid range to luxury stay you might like to visit the nineteenth century Victorian Casa Madrona hotel, which has rooms costing between $149 and $299 per night.

Getting Around:

Considering its great network of highways and the bridge itself, the best way to get around this area is to drive. Visitors to the area can rent a car right next to the San Francisco International Airport at ‘Thrifty Cars’. Or alternatively from Hertz Car rental just a little way down the Bayshore Freeway from the airport (it would be easy to catch a taxi to there).

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