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7 World Wonders

7 World Wonders

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The Seven Wonders of the World, which are sometimes known to as the “7 Ancient Wonders of the World” serve as a demonstration of the creativity, imagination and absolute hard-work that human beings are capable of. Even though there is a possibility of at least one of them not having existed at all, all of them continue to be cerebrated as the products of great skill and creativity of the early civilizations of the earth. They are as noted below:

The Lighthouse of Alexandria, Pharos Island off Alexandria’s coast
• Was created in c.247 BC.
• Lighthouse was a square building measuring 8.5m on every side, with a height of about 115m- 135m.
• Using large blocks of light-coloured stone and rose, it was constructed in three stages namely: the squarely lower section, the octagonal middle section and the cylindrical top-most section.
• Mirrors are said to have been mounted on to the structure by the Romans. A fire that helped to guide sailing ships was lit on the structure’s top during the night times.
• Its walls were strengthened by molten lead. This helped it to withstand the sea’s ravages.

The Hanging Gardens of

, Central Iraq, and Babil Province in the city of All Hillah.
• Was created in c. 600 BC.
• According to an ancient historian named Diodorus, these gardens were terraced in numerous tiers. The terraces looked like an amphitheatre.
• They had vaults constructed at every level using long-stone-beams.
• The thickness of the mud which was placed on every vault was enough to hold large trees and a vast number of plants.
• The garden had hidden water passages for watering purposes. It’s believed that the system used for watering or irrigation might have been comparable to Archimedes’ screw.
• The hanging gardens of Babylon are believed to have been commissioned by Babylon’s King Nebuchadnezzar II so as to please his wife, Amities of media that longed for her homeland’s aromatic flowers & trees.

The Great Pyramid of Giza, Giza Plateau, Egypt
• It was created in c. 2560 BC.
• It is estimated that over 200,000 skilled manual workers & slaves were used to complete its construction which took almost 20 years.
• It maintained its top position as the tallest man-made structure for nearly 3500 years.
• It houses 3 chambers, namely: the underground chamber, queen’s chamber and the King’s chamber.
• It is said that its outer surface was originally smooth since it was covered by casting-stone. This however got worn-out over the past centuries.
• It is the only one of the original seven world wonders that’s still standing.

The Temple of Artemis, Selçuk, Turkey
• It was constructed in c. 323 BC.
• It is believed that two temple-structures stood at the same site earlier before the Temple of Artemis.
• That era’s popular sculptors, namely Phradmon, Cresilas, Scopas, Endoeus, and others made contributions through sculpting the pillars of the temple and the sculptures of divinity.
• It was decorated with stunning paintings and columns covered with gold and other precious metals.
• The temple was exclusively built using white marble excluding its roof.
• The structure is estimated to have consisted of around 130 pillars. Presently, it’s only the foundations and a few of the temple’s fragments that are still remaining.
• The temple is a dedication to Artemis, the Greek Goddess who was worshiped with great passion.
• It was at times called the “Temple of Goddess Diana”.
• The Temple of Artemis was rigorously damaged and destroyed during a raid by the tribe of Goth in around 270 AD.
• The marble stones and broken pieces of sculpted-pillars were shipped and then used in the construction of the famous mosque known as Hagia Sophia found in present day Istanbul.

The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, Bodrum, Turkey
• It was created in c. 350 BC.
• It is believed that it had a height of approximately 45m.
• Each of the four walls had 9 columns on the top. A statue stood between each of the column.
• A huge pyramid-shaped-roof stood on the columns’ top.
• Its construction was planned by Artemisia II of Caria, the wife of Mausolus, a wealthy king of a small kingdom whose capital was at Halicarnassus.
• The Mausoleum survived many invasions undamaged for approximately 16 centuries. It was however shattered by a series of earthquakes around the year of 1404 AD.

The Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Greece
• It was created in c. 432 BC.
• This Greek god’s statue was 39ft tall, and is said to have taken the entire temple’s width.
• It was primarily made of bronze with inlay-ivory works.
• Pheidias, a renowned Greek sculptor was the one that sculpted this famed statue.
• The time when and how it was destroyed is not clear. Some historians say that it was carried to Constantinople and then destroyed in a fire in the year of 475 AD. Others claim that it perished in 425 AD when Zeus’ temple was burned.

The Colossus of Rhodes, Rhodes island, Dodecanese, Greece
• Created in c. 280 BC.
• It’s believed that the statue had a height of roughly 30m and spread over the mandrake harbor.
• The white marble pedestal on which this statue was mounted was estimated to be not less than 15m high.
• It is claimed that the statue was constructed using numerous weapons that were left behind by the army of Demetrius after a failed invasion.
• It was a statue of Helios, the Greek god and was constructed by Chares of Lindos. It got destroyed in 226 BC by an earthquake after standing for 56 years.

There have been several arguments about the reality of such magnificent structures in primordial times. If you are one of those individuals that doubt their existence, travel to Egypt and see the still standing pyramids of Giza. As you would use the DVLA phone number, ensure that you do whatever is required of your vehicle while in Egypt.

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