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Best Cities for Your Christmas 2013 Vacation

Best Cities for Your Christmas 2013 Vacation

By on Nov 29, 2013 in Travel Articles | 0 comments

As that song goes, Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Everything glows with lights and anticipation and warmth and love. Though some Scrooges “bah-humbug” their way through the season, they cannot deny that places are most beautiful during the Christmas season. There is something so wonderful about the combination of chilly air, freezing snow, a cozy fireplace, and the sparkly Christmas lights. Just thinking about it makes you all warm and giddy inside.

What are your plans for the holiday break? Are your dreaming of a magical and memorable Christmas 2013? Here are some of the best cities to spend your Christmas in.


No matter what season it is, London is one of the most beautiful cities you can ever visit. But imagine it bathed in snow, and the twinkling Christmas lights. Wouldn’t you feel like you just stepped into a movie set? How wonderful would it be to see the London Eye bedecked in the sparkle of the lights? It would be so romantic to walk across the snowy streets of London, along its worldwilde famous landmarks and attractions all dressed up in Christmas decors. Aside from this, in the British capital city you will find plenty of Christmas markets and fairs, you will have the oportunity to visit the renouned Winter Winderland that opens every year in Hyde Park, you can skate, shop, do some sightseeing and everything you want in the joyul Christmas spirit.

Blue Eye
Christmas in LondonSPIngram / / CC BY-NC-ND


What’s so special about a Christmas break in Dresden? Well, it would include a stroll through a Bavarian Christmas fair. Dresden is actually the spot where all this Christmas markets tradition started back in 1434. If you are lucky, besides a lot of shopping, you will be able to experience here a white Christmas that will turn your winter break into a blast.

Christmas Markets Of Dresden
Christmas DresdenA.Currell / / CC BY-NC

New York

If Europe has London, then the United States have New York. This bustling city will charm your heart during Christmas. Try a carriage ride across Central Park, you will definitely feel the Christmas magic. Actually, just by going around the city, with its tall skyscrapers and busy streets, you will feel the spirit and energy of Christmas. Surround yourself with celebrating people in Times Square, and of course, if your schedule permits, stay until New Year’s Eve to witness the Ball Drop. New York will really be a great Christmas destination for you.

Take a Deep Breath
Christmas in New YorkThomas Hawk / / CC BY-NC

Las Vegas

If fun and adventure is your thing, then spend your Christmas vacation 2013 in Sin City. Las Vegas is the perfect Christmas destination, especially if you are spending the holidays with your friends. Go casino-hopping, and have the time of your lives. It will be a non-stop party and a Christmas you will certainly remember.

Self Portrait
Christmas Las Vegaschrismetcalf / / CC BY-NC-SA


If you want to skip the winter Christmas vibes, spend the Holidays on the sunny beaches of Hawaii! Honolulu will be a perfect spot for you. Why to be pale and freezing during the Holidays? Wouldn’t it be lovely to get a tan instead? Spend a quiet Christmas by the sea. At night, you can learn the Hula, and party, Islander-style. You will enjoy spending Christmas this very unique way.

Have yourself a kitschy little Christmas
Christmas in Honolulubeckstei / / CC BY-NC-ND

Wherever you are spending your Christmas 2013, the most important thing is that you are doing what you love with the people you love. Christmas is the holiday of love and giving. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a vacation and turn this Christmas into great memories.

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