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Traveling Sicily with kids

Traveling Sicily with kids

By on Dec 11, 2014 in Travel Articles | 0 comments

While many cities and destinations in Sicily are known for being places of fun nights out, there still lots of things to do if you are planning to enjoy a little more children-oriented holiday. Besides all the attractions that are listed below, you may also want to book one of Sicily’s beachfront holiday rentals online for your family vacation, a very convenient option when you are travelling with kids across the Island.

Sicily with kids

Sicily with kids by Vagabond Family

That said, let’s take a look a this list of destinations perfect for your family holiday.

The Madonie Adventure Park

Just south of the city of Cefalu there is a natural reserve called the Parco delle Madonie that is a great destination for hiking and for simply enjoying a picnic surrounded by the beautiful natural landscape.

However, after a little rest, you should be ready to head to the Madonia Adventure Park where your children will have a blast. Playgrounds, rope ladder walking, tree climbing and much more make this park fun for both kids and adults.

You can even go mountain biking or horseback riding, all provided by the park. When you’re finally exhausted, you can get some local fresh Italian food, like sausages, ham, and cheese and relax at one of the many picnic areas in the park.


Just as fun with many of the same activities of the Madone Adventure Park, is the Etnaavventura, an adventure playground on the southern flanks of Mount Etna. Just like the other park, Etnaavventura offers many different levels for each activity so that mom and daddy can show off their adventurist spirit.

Adventure Park Eco Campus Casaboli

Located in the Casaboli forest, only 15 minutes away from Palermo, this new adventure park is a great place for any taste and age. Here, everyone can go tree climbing, rope ladder walking and cable slides with different levels of difficulty. All children will be supervised by instructors and will be assured of the safety of the activities. This park also offers archery, mountain biking, and walking paths with rest and picnic areas for you to enjoy.

Mount Etna

This destination never gets old. People of all ages love going to see and even hike Europe’s most active volcano. You can even take a cable car to go all to way up and be amazed at the panoramic view from the volcano’s top, 2,500 meters above the sea level.

There are also cafes and bars where you can easily eat a quick lunch or snack, or you can always choose to make some sandwiches and do a picnic on Mt. Etna.

Le Gole di Alcantura

On the east coast near Catania, le Gole dell’Alcantara, a 20-meter-deep gorge carved out of lava is a corner of paradise. This place is perfect for families and youngsters. During the hottest months, a romantic swim between the shady rocks will help you get rid of the summer heat.


If you want to teach some history to your children in a fun way that they will never forget, the Archeological Museum and the Archeological Park of Syracuse are the perfect places for you. Accompanied by adults, here children can attend fun workshops in which they reconstruct the history of Archimedes and of Roman and Greek dominions. Children are given the material to play many different activities from discovery games to drawing and coloring.


Most children love castles, especially little girls who always imagine of being princesses. Well, if that’s the case, you cannot miss places like the Castello Orsino of Catania, and the Castello Maniace of Syracuse. Both of these castles have majestic architecture and guided tours that will take you back to ancient times. It will definitely be a memorable experience for both kids and adults.

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